Craft CMS plugins

Easy Address Field

The only address field you'll need. Automatically get coordinates based on the address you entered, with the option to set the location of the map marker yourself, in case Google gets it wrong.

Available for $29,95 in the Craft plugin store.


Dumper maks debugging your templates or plugins easier and faster, using the larapack/dd module.

Available for free in the Craft plugin store or on GitHub

Default Tab

When building sites with Craft CMS, you've probably done this a couple of times: you create a new section, you go to add fields and the first thing you have to do is add a new tab. Every time. This plugin aims to fix that.

Available for free in the Craft plugin store or on GitHub

WordPress Plugins

I made a couple of WordPress plugins over the year. You can find them on or in the plugins section of your site.

Got a question about one of my plugins or are you looking for a custom plugin? Get in touch!


Sponsors makes it easy to add your partners to your WordPress website and to display them wherever your want. With advanced widgets and shortcode you can customise who gets shown where and how.

50000+ downloads already! You can download the plugin here for free.

Splashing Images

Unsplash's stunning images, right in your dashboard? That's what Splashing Images does. Browse curated photos or search for that one image that matches perfectly with your content and use it right away.

Available here for free!

Help Scout Beacon

Help Scout Beacon gives you an easy way to interact with your users, to guide them to your FAQ and to your inbox when they still have questions. Their email will arrive in your Help Scout inbox, where you or someone on your team an answer.

Available here for free!